AUSCert 2009 Wrap-Up

Sometimes it’s the small things that makes a conference more enjoyable:-

  • Full-time vendor sponsored barrister for good caffeine injections at anytime – nice
  • Full-time vendor sponsored drinks fridge for your cold drink alternative – nice
  • Full-time vendor sponsored ice creams – nice
  • Vendor sponsored Wireless LAN – would have been handy if I wanted to use it

Sometimes it’s the big things that makes a conference more memorable:-

  • Insane storm that hit on third day – impressive distraction
  • Decent lunch time food and seating – nice
  • Gala dinner, MC choice and entertainment (sans bonny and clive) – nice

Its always good to be amused:-

  • Hotel staff running through vendor stand at an IT conference asking for electrical equipment to be powered off because of power failure in storm
  • Watching a TV entertainer as MC trying to control 8 security experts having a debate – and he probably thought it would be a boring, dry gig.
  • Gala event – 100s of men + one toilet block with 3 urinals

The other stuff:-

  • Networking was excellent
  • As with any conference, you have your mix of good and bad talks
  • Use of wireless voting tech was quick and painless. After all, who really fills in the paper surveys at the end of talks.
  • David Rice – finally got to see him talk – impressive, entertaining and thought provoking
  • Patrick Gray – nice talk on the social media. And kudos for not bowing to pressure for the opinion you wouldn’t give on one of the panel debate questions. It says a lot for your character and journalistic integrity. If anyone disagrees, would you trust Pat with off the record comments, or on the records comments to be kept in context if he had given in to pressure so easy. It doesn’t really matter the reasons why he wouldn’t offer an opinion.
  • Peter Gutmann – to talk so fast, concisely and in-depth is impressive.

Will I be back in 2010. Hopefully.

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