More than just a fingerprint for authentication

For those interested in a new spin on biometric authentication using the finger, you may want to have a look at VeinID from Hitachi. The marketing hype is certainly working on overdrive with impressive technical terms like “vascular pattern recognition” and LED’s that penetrate the bodies tissues with near infrared light which is sure to get some excited.

Not to take away from the technology, but reading the website ( ) did make me chuckle. If you want to see Hitachi’s opinion on how this technology compares to other biometrics they provide a nice table at:

While I am not sure how successful they will be with the USB reader due to its clunky design, I can appreciate the use of such a technology as an alternative biometric reader for physical access control.  As it is unlikely that I will be rushing out to buy a USB reader to play with, I guess time will tell how successful Hitatchi will be.

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